WSDA is program developed by ZIP. 

The training part of the WSDA brings lectures, exercises, debate and content electives, practice debates. The participants are divided in different groups on the basis of their experience – from beginners to really advanced ones, the last days there is a tournament.

WSDA targets STUDENTS from 13 to 18, can be already experienced debaters or complete beginners and everything in between. The training is very intense and very active, a lot of small groups interactive practices with excellent international trainers. You can register as a group or individually. WSDA staff members will take care of the participants who are coming without accompanying adults.

TEACHERS, COACHES & JUDGES TRACK: we do have a special track for everybody who would like to use debate techniques as one of the active method in the classroom and/or start debate club at their schools – debate coaches, trainers, judges, organisers, trainers – who would like to learn more how to run debate club, train, judge and organise debate events. Last year we had 24 teachers, coaches and debate organisers participating in this program.