Po zaključku tradicionalne debatne akademije WSDA 2021: vtisi udeležencev

Po zaključku tradicionalne debatne akademije WSDA 2021: vtisi udeležencev

Zadnji teden junija smo izvedli tokrat že 13.tradicionalno mednarodno debatno akademijo WSDA (World Schools Debate Academy) na kateri smo ponudili program za debaterje in debatere ter tečaj za debatne mentorje/ice in sodnike/ce.

“The academy helped me to improve my english skills and learn new things about debate and general contents”

“I think the academy was awesome. Very interesting topics on electives! I specially liked the fact that we had a practice debate almost every day which helped us gain more knowledge than on the usual tournaments”

“I simply loved this experience! Thanks to wonderful coaches I was able to improve my debating skills in a way I would have never imagined.”

Dogodka se je udeležilo več kot 100 debaterjev in debaterk iz celega sveta ter 32 debatnih mentorjev in mentoric.

“Having taken part in the lectures/workshops, teacher trainings, practice debates and tournament, this week has undoubtedly proven to be the most valuable educational week I’ve ever experienced. Not only because of the extremely experienced and knowledgeable lecturers/coaches, but also due to their constructivist approach, differentiated contents, and openness for discussions. A great thank you to the Pro and Contra team for offering such incredible opportunities to the global debate community.”

Tudi letos je dogodek potekal v online okolju, že naslednje leto pa upamo, da vas bomo lahko konec zopet povabili na akademijo v Kranjsko Goro, v Slovenijo.

“The academy has been an incredible experience. The lessons were interesting and clear (even for a non-English student). The only thing that was missing was the “human contact”, of course it was impossible this year, so I’m looking forward to repeat the experience next year (I hope in physical presence).”

“It was very good and organised. Even though it was an online session, i really enjoyed the overall experience as everything was explained well by the electives and the feedback was exhaustive”

V letu 2021 smo na WSDA ponudili 20 debatnih delavnic, 20 vsebinskih delavnic ter številne debate za vajo in mini debatni turnir za zaključek. Vsaki dan so se udeleženci najprej spoznali z novimi znanji iz področja argumentacije in kritičnega mišljenja, nato so se soočili z informativnimi vsebinskimi delavnicami, na koncu pa so vso pridobljeno znanje skušali uporabiti v debatah.

“My students and I did really appreciate the academy experience. We learnt a lot. We really enjoyed the Debate electives, all the trainers were really focused on the matter and answered to all the students’ questions. Students were thrilled to put in practice what they learned in the electives.”

“This year’s academy, despite not being in a physical form, proved to be a great learning opportunity to improve my level in debating. The debate and content electives in the early morning were interesting and the trainers were always very clear and helpful. The debates in the afternoon offered a great opportunity to put in practice what we already knew or what we learned in the morning, other than being a perfect occasion to confront ourselves with other teams. Overall, the Academy was an enjoyable learning experience and I hope I will be able to participate next year in physical form.”

Za več informacij o WSDA si lahko ogledate poseben zavihek na naši spletni strani ali nas kontaktirate na info@zainproti.si.

“It was truly an amazing experience. Not only did our team learn new techniques like effective comparative argumentation to gain an edge over our opponents, but we also absorbed a ton of useful content for debates. Additionally, almost all the judges and trainers had amazing experience in the WSDC format, and offered insightful feedback. Our team were also impressed by how seamlessly the entire academy flowed. However, the entire experience wasn’t just about debating, it was also about interacting with people from new countries and having fun. Before the academy, our team never thought that we would ever befriend a person from Slovenia, but during the academy we soon did, making friends with an additional member of our team”