• All the activities of the academy will happen in the main zoom call available HERE.
  • When joining the call, please change your name according to the following rules: 
    • STUDENTS: S-*your name*
      Examples: S-John Doe, S-Joan d. Arc, S-Sun Tzu
    • TEACHERS: T-*your name*
      Examples: T-John Doe, T-Joan d. Arc, T-Sun Tzu
  • All further instructions will be provided in the meeting.
  • Please have ensure that your microphone and camera are working.
  • Please have at least 2 devices with zoom installed ready for backup in case one fails.
  • Make sure Zoom is updated on all devices you will be using. Instructions can be found HERE.


  • For the duration of the academy, we will open a dedicated discord server.
  • Use of the discord server will be completely optional and is meant to simulate the social elements of the academy. You will not need discord to participate in any of the sessions.
  • Link to the server and further details coming soon.

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