Debate as interdisciplinary and cross curricular methodology in schools

About the project

Mancy recent researches of global educational systems and necessary skills for future labour market are pointing to “global competence” which is defined as 1) students’ ability to understand and appreciate the perspectives and worldviews of others, 2) ability to engage and 3) taking action for collective well being and sustainable development. This includes the ability to analyse, reason, explain and question important individual and collective decisions as well as those made by algorithms.

As debate educators we recognise that debate methodology is one of the most appropriate way of teaching these soft transferable skills to students, especially in terms of 1) self management (active learning, flexibility and stress tolerance , 2) Problem-solving (analytical and critical thinking, creativity and innovation, reasoning and strategic thinking) and 3) Working with people (leadership and influence, team work). This is the reason we would like to encourage the integration of debate methodology in schools.

Preliminary research has shown that schools and teachers are facing three main problems when introducing debate to schools: 1) methodology adapted to different teaching environments, 2) comprehensive teacher’s guides / materials and 3) students tool-kits in national languages.
Therefore the main aim of this project is to Bring together all aspects of debate methodology to offer teachers a comprehensive guide for integrating debate in different types of schools on different level of educational process in different disciplinary areas.



Objectives, activities and impact

Within the project we will develop three open educational resources: 

1) Teachers’ Guide to Introducing Debate in the Curriculum for primary/middle school
2) Teachers’ Guide to Introducing Debate in the Curriculum for secondary school
3) Students’ Toolkit for Civic Learning through Debate translated into the national languages of the partners (Finnish, Italian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Spanish)


Consortium and partners

Coordinator: Società Nazionale Debate Italia 

Consortium: Englantilainen Koulu (English School) – Finland, ITE Enrico Tosi – Italy, Società Nazionale Debate Italia – Italy, Moletu Gimnazija – Lithuania, OŠ Rada Robica Limbus – Slovenia, Danes JE Nov Dan- Slovenia, Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga – Slovenia, Fundación Educativa Activa – Spain, Colegio Miralmonte SCOOP – Spain


Key info:

Project is co-funded by the European Union (EU Commission) 

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practises

Action type: Strategic Partnership of school education

You can find more information on the official EU webpage